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Paid Online Marketing and Promotions

Koresoft always aims to provide services that will help our clients grow. It is only natural then that we offer the best in class service for marketing our clients online as well. Our online marketing campaigns are planned, designed and executed with expert care and precision in order to maximize our client's ROI.

Why Paid Marketing

Websites are the online face of your business and social media is the all to important glue that channels end customers to your business. With these two in place, the third most important piece of the puzzle is paid online marketing. Competition in todays markets is fierce and online marketing has proved to be one of the most cost effective forms of marketing. This has resulted in the real world competition migrating steadily to the online realm as well. Thus it becomes quintessential for businesses looking for rapid growth, to invest in some form of paid online marketing. Besides the online platforms, email and SMS have also become powerful tools for business marketing and strategic product placement. Brand creation requires mass appeal and these two platforms provide a guaranteed outreach to the people you want to target. For paid marketing we offer our clients the following services - Google Adwords Marketing Facebook Paid Promotions Bulk Email Marketing Bulk Sms Marketing

Google Adwords

Managed Google Adwords Paid Promotions - Koresoft (Korega Software Developers and Consultants LLP)

Google ad words, Google Mail and other banner and paid online promotions. Google Ad Words is an online advertising service that places advertising copy above, below, or beside the list of search results Google displays for a particular search query, or it displays it on their partner websites. The choice and placement of the ads is based in part on a proprietary determination of the relevance of the search query to the advertising copy. All Ad Words ads are eligible to be shown on www.google.com. Advertisers also have the option of enabling their ads to show on Google's partner networks. The "search network" includes AOL search, Ask.com, and Netscape. Like www.google.com, these search engines show Ad Words ads in response to user searches, but do not affect quality score. The "Google Display Network" (GDN) (formerly referred to as the "content network") shows Ad Words ads on sites that are not search engines. These content network sites are those that use Ad Sense and Double Click, the other side of the Google advertising model. Ad Sense is used by website owners who wish to make money by displaying ads on their websites. Click-through rates on the display network are typically much lower than those on the search network and quality score for Display Network is calculated separately from Search network. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Research has shown that adwords signigicantly alters your Search engine rankings thereby boosting overall traffic and your SEO score. A win win situation all around. Koresoft, provides - Adwords Account Setup Campaign Planning/Consultancy Fully Managed Adwords Campaigns Assisted Adwords Campaigns Campaign Design & Keyword Analytics Conversion Metrics and Campaign Tracking

Facebook Promotions

Managed Facebook Paid Promotions - Koresoft (Korega Software Developers and Consultants LLP)

We setup, manage, audit and track all promotions for our clients. Facebook promotions offer the reach and targeting offered by Google Adwords at a much lower price tag. While it has little impact on the SEO of your website, it is the perfect way to start any sort of online promotion activity, giving you an immediate access to larger viewership as well as a 'viral' factor that is a must for any marketing campaign be it online or otherwise.
As part of our Facebook Promotions, we also manage all creative design and market aquisition strategies that provide our campaigns with the edge needed to both sustain existing market shares as well as break into new markets.

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